Rose J

Rose J, the rising Haitian Pop sensation, is making waves with her sultry music and captivating fashion. Born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, and later relocating to Queens, NY, Rose J initially found solace in fashion, showcasing her talents through her brand, Dark Angel Designs. Her creations graced major runways and magazines, solidifying her name in the fashion world.

Rose J

Rose J takes the music scene by storm, transitioning from behind-the-scenes fashion to the spotlight. Her singles like “Bad Mama” and “So Hawt,” produced by Eleven, showcases her vibrant, sexy, and upbeat style. “So Hawt,” her recent release, celebrates sensuality and embodies the fusion of bodies becoming something irresistible.

“I hope people increase in their confidence and say what they want to the person that makes them so hawt,” shares Rose J, aiming to empower listeners through her music.

Despite the industry’s challenges, Rose J remains determined and fueled by positive feedback from her audience. She’s set her sights high, aspiring for Billboard hits and collaborations with her music idols.

Currently signed to Alcide Music Group LLC, Rose J remains open to major label collaborations while being managed by J. Alcide. Contact J. Alcide or Rose J directly is the way forward for bookings or collaborations.

To catch more of Rose J’s music and fashion journey, follow her on Instagram and TikTok and access her music on Spotify. Rose J is undoubtedly one to watch in music and fashion.