Cardi B

Celebrities spare no expense in their quest for perfection. Some splurge on flashy cars or sprawling mansions, while others drop thousands on diamond-studded grills. Yet, the allure of a flawless smile has transcended mere jewelry for decades. Beyond the glint of grills, veneers have quietly persisted as the go-to for perfect teeth.

Veneers were introduced in the ’30s by Hollywood’s Charles Pincus. Thin porcelain or resin shells covered the front teeth, aiming to enhance actors’ on-screen appearances. Today, they’ve evolved into a staple for the stars, from T.I. to Cardi B and beyond. Dr. Quodarrius Toney (Dr. Q) attributes their surging popularity to social media, where influencers flaunt their enhanced smiles.

But veneers aren’t just a celebrity whim; they’re a confidence booster. Dr. Q tells Essence that veneers broaden appeal, correct flaws, remove stains and boost self-assurance. With the global veneer market soaring and projected to double, these transformative shells seem destined to remain a timeless choice, bridging the gap between cosmetic enhancement and enduring self-esteem.