In the bustling and ever-evolving world of music, independent artists often emerge as a refreshing and authentic voice. One such artist is Vixyvice, a singer-songwriter from Staten Island, New York, who has captivated audiences with her original, raw, and emotionally charged music.

Vixyvice is not your run-of-the-mill artist; she’s a one-woman powerhouse. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Staten Island, New York, Vixyvice is making waves in the music industry all on her own. As an independent artist, she embodies consistency, pouring her heart and soul into her craft, from recording to captivating audiences in multiple cities with her charismatic performances.

What sets Vixyvice apart is her ability to draw strength from her struggles. Life dealt her a unique hand, and she’s chosen to share her story through her music and storytelling. Each song she creates is a canvas filled with passion and deeper meanings, reflecting her journey and struggles. Her mission is to transform every challenge into art.


Vixyvice’s music is a rollercoaster of emotions, a journey that takes listeners on a ride through the highs and lows of life. It’s natural, raw, and unapologetically authentic. Her tracks are often infused with an upbeat twist, adding positivity to the heartfelt stories she shares.

“Your Way” is Vixyvice’s latest EP, featuring the eponymous track that invites listeners into the depths of her self-discovery journey. This EP marks a significant milestone in her career. It offers a variety of sounds, each with its unique twist, but all share a common goal – the celebration of power within one’s struggles.

The inspiration for “Your Way” is deeply personal. It’s Vixyvice’s anthem of self-discovery. The song is a tribute to finding one’s true self unapologetically and authentically. It’s about embracing your desires, uniqueness, and individuality. Vixyvice wants listeners to know that they don’t have to change or conform to be accepted by others; they are enough just as they are.


Vixyvice hopes that “Your Way” empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves and prioritize their desires. It’s a celebration of self, an ode to putting yourself first, and a reminder that it’s okay to want things your way after a lifetime of accommodating others. The song encourages personal growth, self-acceptance, and self-love.

For those looking for a visual experience, the music video for “Your Way” is now available on Vixyvice’s YouTube channel, offering a compelling visual narrative that complements the emotional depth of the song.

Like every artist, Vixyvice has experienced her share of ups and downs. The ups keep her going; the sheer joy of doing what she loves and connecting with her audience is a priceless gift. The music is her muse, and she finds fulfillment in reaching out to people through her work.


However, the road to success has its challenges. Failed releases, challenges in identifying trustworthy partners, and the sting of betrayal have all been part of her journey. Yet, Vixyvice remains unwavering in her commitment to her craft. She sees these challenges as necessary steps to success and is determined to push through them.

Vixyvice’s connection to her music runs deep, and her recent loss magnified this connection. Losing her mother, her best friend, was a devastating blow. It’s an experience that will forever define her life. She believes music is her remaining purpose and the driving force that keeps her moving forward. She dedicates her art to her mother, attributing her belief in herself to her mother’s unwavering support.

Some influential figures have shaped Vixyvice’s musical style. Miley Cyrus has played a significant role, inspiring her powerful and unique style. Her music’s raw, deep emotions have left an indelible mark on Vixyvice’s work.

Another significant influence is Juice Wrld, who taught her the power of staying true to oneself. His music, which delves into pain and struggle, resonated deeply with Vixyvice, inspiring her to use music to process her experiences.

Vixyvice’s aspirations in the music industry are as boundless as her passion. Her vision is to reach people’s hearts worldwide, selling out arenas and performing her music to crowds across the globe. Her ultimate goal is for the world to hear her songs and love them as she does.

Vixyvice has some exciting performances on the horizon. She’ll take the stage at the Great Day Fest on October 14th at the Showboat Atlantic City, offering festival-goers a memorable experience. To close out the year, she’s gearing up for an exceptional performance at the Whose Mic Is It Showcase on December 17th, where she plans to unveil never-before-heard songs.

Vixyvice is currently not signed with a record label but is open to the right opportunities when they come her way. She is self-managed and welcomes bookings, features, and other inquiries through her email,

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