Katt Williams and Cedric the Entertainer
Katt Williams (left); Cedric the Entertainer JASON LAVERIS/FILMMAGIC; KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES

Tensions between Katt Williams and Cedric the Entertainer have escalated in the comedy world. Williams slammed Cedric, alleging joke theft and a conspiracy to block him from the industry.

The feud sparked when Williams accused Cedric of stealing his joke, a claim Cedric vehemently denied on multiple podcasts. Williams retorted, citing prior apologies from Cedric and Steve Harvey, masking his frustration at Cedric’s public denial.

As the spat unfolded online, Cedric defended himself, emphasizing his extensive career beyond one joke and dismissing Williams’ accusations as revisionist history.

Amidst this drama, Williams accused Cedric, Harvey, and Rickey Smiley of industry conspiracy, alleging they conspired to sideline other comedians.

This comedic clash shows no signs of cooling, revealing the intricate dynamics and power plays within the comedy circuit.”