Swaggonahunna, the Brooklyn Flatbush-raised rapper with an ocean-like flow, has stormed onto the music scene with his latest hip-hop track, “Swagga vs Swaggonahunna,” available for streaming on Spotify. In a recent interview, he defines his music as a “raw, unfiltered flow,” representing his unapologetic and authentic style.

“Challenging my sound and creativity to match the crowd’s likeliness,” Swaggonahunna shares when asked about the inspiration behind his recent single. He hopes listeners “appreciate the art behind each song” and invites them to delve into the tracks to gain a deeper understanding.

Excitingly, there’s confirmation of a music video in the works, with Swaggonahunna’s team actively involved in deciding the direction for the first shoot. Reflecting on his journey, Swaggonahunna acknowledges his grounding in honesty and direct intentions, showcasing resilience amidst industry challenges.

Recounting his background, he recalls keeping to himself while honing his craft, with pivotal moments including college basketball triumphs and the profound joy of becoming a father in 2019.

Influenced by Gucci Mane and Camron, Swaggonahunna’s ambition transcends personal success; he aims to establish Starvn Artist Entertainment Corporation as a formidable label in the industry.

Swaggonahunna remains independent and open to partnerships but steers clear of traditional record label structures. To book Swaggonahunna or make inquiries, contact Jmoney/Csmooth, which can be reached at starvnartistcorp@gmail.com.

Swaggonahunna invites everyone to tune in across all platforms and anticipates significant releases and explosive performances. Follow him on Instagram and TikTok for direct access to his music and updates on forthcoming projects.