Oprah Winfrey/Taraji P. Henson

Recent social media buzz questioned whether Oprah Winfrey influenced Taraji P. Henson’s vocal remarks on the challenges of Hollywood pay gaps. However, both celebrities have now publicly praised each other, dispelling any whispers of discord between them.

In a heartfelt Instagram carousel shared on December 22, Oprah showcased images of herself with Henson, expressing deep admiration for the talented actor. She eagerly welcomed Henson into the ‘Purple sisterhood’ and anticipated an outstanding portrayal of Shug.

The day before, Henson lauded Winfrey on her Instagram as a consistent source of inspiration and support.

This exchange followed Henson’s candid revelations about unequal pay during her promotion of “The Color Purple.” While some fans criticized Winfrey, alleging underpayment, Henson swiftly defended her co-star, emphasizing Winfrey’s unwavering support for the entire cast.

Henson’s words ignited a vital dialogue about racial pay disparities in Black Hollywood, shedding light on an ongoing issue within the industry.