Charleston native Venu$(C.), now residing in Brooklyn, has forged her path through an impressive spectrum of artistic talents. Her journey has continually evolved from writing and acting to the magnetic music world. “I don’t allow anyone to put me into a box,” she asserts, embodying an ethos of staying true while captivating audiences.

Her recent single, “Like Nike,” emerges as an open letter from personal encounters with deceptive friends harboring ill intentions. Venu$(C.) confronts these experiences with assertive lyrics, portraying resilience against betrayals and falsehoods. She shares, “The inspiration behind my song was simply being in too many dead-end relationships.”

Yet, her music isn’t just about expression but resonance. “I want… people that have gone through the same to be able to resonate with me,” she says, aiming to touch those who’ve felt the sting of deceit.


The music industry has brought its share of lessons. Venu$(C.) learned to discern genuine support from superficial gestures and navigate events that often yielded less exposure and more imitation.

Her childhood, marked by financial struggles and her father’s absence, propelled her into diverse creative outlets, including acting, speech, and debate triumphs. Amidst adversity, these victories shone brightly.

Venu$(C.) draws from a varied musical palette, citing Drake, J. Cole, Missy Elliot, and Vince Staples as influences shaping her unique sound. Her ultimate goal? She is known for authentic music, resonating deeply with those who connect with her vibe.

Currently unsigned, she remains open to new opportunities, performances, and collaborations, inviting potential managers and bookings while focusing on her evolving artistic journey.

To connect with Venu$(C.) and explore her vibrant world of music and artistry, visit her website, Her music, writing projects, events, and more await discovery there. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, sharing glimpses into her creative process and upcoming projects.

As she continues her ascent, Venu$(C.) remains committed to crafting genuine, soul-touching music, a beacon for those seeking authenticity in an ever-evolving industry.