Meet Tempest Styles, a rising force in the hip-hop scene who’s swiftly leaving her mark on the industry. Hailing from the Bronx, this artist, formerly known as “Nina” and “Lolanina,” is redefining rap with her personal, hot, and unmistakably Tempest style. Her journey began under the influence of her father, Tito Navedo, and was further fueled by icons like Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, and Eve.

Currently working on her debut visual album, Tempest isn’t just introducing her music but crafting a complete artistic experience—blending sound, visuals, and brand identity. Her dedication to her craft and entrepreneurial aspirations showcase her multifaceted approach to the music business.

In this exclusive interview, Tempest shares insights into her musical journey, the challenges of balancing artistry with the demands of the industry, and her vision of evolving into a brand beyond just music. Join us as we delve into the world of Tempest Styles, exploring her artistry, inspirations, aspirations, and the vibrant energy she brings as a host and performer at the upcoming “Whose Mic Is It Showcase.”

Tempest Styles

Tell us a little about yourself. How was your childhood? What were your struggles, losses, happiest moments, and achievements?

Look, life is hard; anyone claiming the swiftness is lying! I’ve lived a life I’m grateful for. It could have been worse; I could have been dead a couple of times, but I’m here, and it’s always big ups to what I’ve been through! It sculpt who you see today.

How would you define your music?

Personal, hot, different, Tempest baby!

What or who influenced your style of music?

My father was an artist, and seeing how he did things and what he accomplished inspired me. Of course, listening to artists like Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Eve, foxy, etc etc, I was excited to get into it.

Tell us about your recent single/album.

Working on a debut visual album.

What was the inspiration behind your album?

Wanting to properly introduce myself as an artist debuting everything in total including my image and brand.

What are some ups and downs you experienced in the music industry? 

Balancing the have to’s and the want-to’s. I think as an independent artist with no support it’s easy to focus heavy on the bag and not so much on your craft especially when there’s mouths to feed. But trying to make sure I’m even going a little bit has been my latest strategy. Especially because I have fans and supporters who support me and the things I do but if there’s nothing being done what is there to support!

Tell us about your goals for success in the music business.

I’ve always considered myself more as a brand, a business. I plan to put the work in and have the work keep working! I have major plans in place with Tempest Styles’s exclusive online boutique, cosmetics, and more! Trust me, the music is simply cherries on top. 

Are you signed? If not, would you sign to a record label? Do you have a manager? If yes, what’s their name? In case people would like to book you for a show or feature.

I’m completely solo wood and decently dig the support and backing of a label if it comes with all the right things and at the right price. If it isn’t something I can sit my ass down on and solely focus on the music and brand on, I don’t want it!

Tempest Styles

How do you feel about hosting the Whose Mic Is It Showcase on December 17th? What aspects are you most excited about?

I’m excited to feel the energy of the building, make it hot, and, most excitingly, see all the dope artists!

As both a host and performer, what unique elements or energy are you bringing to the showcase this year?

All me! I plan to really sit back and be entertained for once. I’m always giving “this MY stage,” and I’m tryna see who tryna take it.

What do you expect to experience or take away from hosting this event that differs from your usual performances?

Nothing but love! I expect to take away more fans and build more revenue by doing what I love

Could you give us a glimpse into the preparation and planning behind your hosting role for this showcase?

Just know I’m thinking hot, I’m thinking sexy.

As an artist with a multifaceted role for this event, what’s the biggest challenge you anticipate facing on the night of the showcase?

My biggest goal will be to keep the energy lit at all times 

Regarding your performance, are there any surprises or particular elements you’re preparing for the audience?

Maybe an exclusive drop

What atmosphere or vibe do you aim to create for the audience attending the Whose Mic Is It Showcase?

I want everybody UP! This New York baby!

Beyond the music, what message or emotion do you hope the audience takes away from your hosting and performance?

Definitely confidence! I want people to do whatever they want and to make sure they stand on that shit! Own it, and make it a trend. 

Lastly, what advice would you give aspiring artists looking to balance multiple roles in a showcase or event similar to this?

Just do it! Don’t think too much about it. Yeah, planning and prepping is fine, but you don’t know sometimes until you know, so stay ready!

Follow Tempest Styles on Instagram at @Tempeststyles and on TikTok at @Itstempeststyles. And get your ticket here to see Tempest Styles host and perform live at Whose Mic Is It Showcase on December 17, 2023 in Brooklyn, NY from 1 pm to 9 pm.