Meet KMEDZ, an independent artist hailing from the Hudson Valley area of New York State, making waves with her energetic and empowering music with her debut EP “Exclusive,” dropping in 2021, and subsequent hits like “Soca Wine,” KMEDZ has caught the attention of industry insiders and critics alike.


DJ Drewski from MVMT and Torrio from “Music Business Advice” have lauded her singles “Pressure” and “Bye Bye” on her Official YouTube Page. The artist has also been interviewed on “Finally TV” and “The Talk” show, sharing insights in a notable interview with Multi-Platinum Bad Boy/Hitmen Producer King Amadeus.

Describing her sound as upbeat, fun, and hardcore, KMEDZ recently released the single “BYE BYE,” a tribute to independence and bidding farewell to toxic relationships. The artist aims to empower listeners to stand in their power and navigate life’s challenges.

In a recent interview, KMEDZ shared her inspiration behind the EP, expressing a desire to touch those going through tough times, helping them find strength and purpose. She aims to release music videos for her singles in early 2024.

Reflecting on her journey in the music industry, KMEDZ notes the challenge of inconsistent connections but emphasizes the value of long-term partnerships with those dedicated to her career’s growth.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, KMEDZ’s childhood was marked by moments of happiness and struggles, shaping her into the artist she is today. The proudest moment came with the publication of her EP, a significant milestone in her adult life. She continues to strive for lifetime achievements, including winning a Grammy Award.

Influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal, Bling Dawg, and 90’s legends, KMEDZ merges hip-hop and dancehall influences into her unique style. Her ultimate goal in the music business is to create platforms for emerging artists to showcase their talents.

KMEDZ is not signed to a label; ILAND MEDZ ENTERTAINMENT manages her and welcomes booking inquiries via and

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