Music for me is not a hobby; it’s my life. It’s what I sleep, breathe, eat, and keeps my heart going.


ShayLew, born and bred in America but steeped in Caribbean culture, emerges as a captivating force in the RnB scene. With a lineage of musicians and singers in her family, music runs through her veins. From mastering the Cello and Violin during high school to delving into the trumpet and saxophone, ShayLew’s musical journey knows no bounds. For her, music transcends mere hobby; it’s her essence, her lifeblood.

I hope they can relate to the feeling of being everything that the person they love needs, and they always have that spark with them that never gets dull. Also, want them to be able to dance to their hearts’ content.


ShayLew’s latest single, “Drop it Low,” is a unique blend of RnB and soca beats, a testament to her diverse influences and deep emotional reservoir. She draws inspiration from her cultural roots and personal experiences; ShayLew’s music resonates with authenticity and relatability, touching the depths of the soul.

I want to be able to give people great RnB music, great soca music things they can listen to on repeat and enjoy no matter how much time they’ve had it in their playlist.


Despite the challenges of being a female artist in an industry often fixated on appearances, ShayLew’s talent and resilience shine through. Her dedication to her craft and unwavering support from her management team under Dabbage’s guidance drive her quest for recognition based on merit alone.

Once they listen to it again, they get that same feeling they got when they listened to it the first time.


Reflecting on her journey, ShayLew remains grounded, cherishing her upbringing’s resilience and hard work lessons. Her goals in the music industry are clear: to deliver timeless RnB and soca melodies that evoke joy and connection with every listen.

As she gears up for potential performances and eagerly anticipates the release of her music video, ShayLew invites fans to join her journey. Follow her on all platforms @OfficialShayLew, and immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of ShayLew, where music transcends boundaries and touches the depths of the heart.

Listen to ShayLew’s song “Bottom of Heaven”


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