Emerging onto the vibrant music scene is VStarconscious, an Afrobeat artist whose rhythms are laced with the essence of love and relatability. In a candid conversation, he shares insights into his latest track, “Love Takeover,” encapsulating the nature of humanity’s need for love amidst imperfections.

VStarconscious, guided by influences like Burna Boy and Rod Wave, envisions a future where his music is a beacon of positivity, leaving an indelible mark on hearts worldwide.


VStarconscious’ music journey began as a means of communication, aiming for fans to resonate with the imperfect yet universal necessity for love. Describing the genre as relatable Afrobeat, he delves into the inspiration behind his recent single, “Don’t Fight Fire with Fire,” drawing from personal experiences of familial acceptance despite personal struggles.

“When my family accepted me despite my issues, I realized the power of love,” VStarconscious shares. “My children see me as a hero, and they’re my motivation in music.”

VStarconscious hopes listeners embrace the essence of speaking from the heart and undertaking actions with love, a sentiment echoing throughout his music. Despite industry challenges like financial hurdles and securing performance opportunities, VStarconscious remains resilient, aspiring to inspire through positivity.

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