Bria Cheri

Step into the world of Bria Cheri, a soulful artist with roots deeply embedded in the vibrant neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, NY. With a background in piano since the age of three, Bria Cheri has honed her craft through vocal lessons, choir participation, and three independently released EPs, two songs (“Before the Music” and “Silent Siren”) produced by Donnie Klang, her R&B song, and “Get It Right” from her 2022 EP “Phoenix” produced by Raphael Gibbs.

Bria Cheri describes her music as a blend of “storytelling and nostalgic R&B with a modern twist,” she explains that “Get It Right” is a song about being loved out loud and doing things with intention when it comes to your significant other.

Bria Cheri

In a conversation about her journey, Bria Cheri talks about the struggle of finding collaborators who genuinely understand her artistic vision. With dreams, struggles, and triumphs, she remains grounded, acknowledging the challenges and celebrating the victories. Among the hurdles, the shining moment was opening for Styles P in New Jersey – a surreal experience for a New Yorker inspired by hip-hop group The LOX.

Bria Cheri’s musical palette draws from the legends – Aaliyah, Nina Simone, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, and more. These artists shaped her; as she says, she’s always been a student of the game, soaking in every performance and musical note, with goals of a future where music becomes her full-time journey, gracing major festival stages and collaborating with the best in the music industry.

While not signed to a record label, she remains open to the prospect under specific conditions – retaining ownership of her masters and maintaining creative control.

“I hope people enjoy the storytelling and emotion I evoked in my vocal delivery. I hope they love it,” says Bria Cheri. As for a potential music video for “Get It Right,” she leaves the door open, stating, “You never know, anything is possible.”

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